Macro View

I had been shooting close ups of insects and flowers with my standard 18-55mm kit lens. Using the 60mm f/ 2.8 macro was a new experience all together. I was fascinated by the control over sharpness , depth of field and perspective and it opened my mind to its infinite possibilities.


Exposure: 1/100,f/13, ISO: 1004


Exposure: 1/200,f/6.3, ISO: 1003



Exposure: 1/200,f/7.1, ISO: 1001


Mylapore Festival

I recently went to the mylapore festival which is conducted every year. I wanted to go for the event for a long time and when I finally decided to go for it, I was not disappointed. There was a photo op at every corner of every street. When I went, a Kolam contest was on. There were people of all ages, old and young participating. After taking a few pictures in the ground, I decided to get a new perspective to things so I climbed to the terrace of a building nearby. After the kolam contest, there was a Bharathanatyam performance on stage. I tried to get the finger of a dancer in focus and left her face out of focus for dramatic effect.

Exposure: 1/125   f/5.6   ISO:400dsc_3892

Exposure: 1/125   f/6.3   ISO:400dsc_3904

Exposure: 1/125   f/8  ISO:200dsc_3921

Exposure: 1/200  f/2  ISO:400


Exposure: 1/500  f/2  ISO:400dsc_4011

Exposure: 1/400  f/2  ISO:200dsc_4028

Exposure: 1/400  f/2  ISO:200dsc_4080

Exposure: 1/460  f/2  ISO:200dsc_4083

Exposure: 1/640 f/2  ISO:200dsc_4091


Wings and Feathers

I recently went to SHAR(Shriharikota high altitude range) road in a photowalk organised by the photographic society of madras.  We spotted many species of birds including Cormorants,Egrets and Painted stork. As i was using only 400mm(technically 600mm since i was using a DX camera) I could not fill the frame with a bird alone so I decided to include the reflection of the bird on water to fill the frame . I also spotted some fishermen checking their nets for the days catch. I took my Nikkor 80-400mm lens with my D80.


Exposure: 1/640 f/6.3 ISO:320dsc_3618


Exposure: 1/500 f/14 ISO:200dsc_3867


Exposure: 1/500 f/14 ISO:200dsc_3863



Exposure: 1/500 f/7.8 ISO:200dsc_3797


Exposure: 1/500 f/10 ISO:320dsc_3717


Exposure: 1/500 f/10 ISO:320dsc_3714


Exposure: 1/500 f/13 ISO:320dsc_3711


Exposure: 1/640 f/5.6 ISO:320dsc_3687


Exposure: 1/640 f/5.6 ISO:320dsc_3681


Exposure: 1/640 f/5.6 ISO:320dsc_3674


Exposure: 1/640 f/5.6 ISO:320dsc_3648


Exposure: 1/500 f/10 ISO:320dsc_3729


Gods for Sale

I went for a photowalk organised by PSM(photographic society of madras). The walk was in mylapore, a locality in chennai, at the time its famous for the sale of toys and dolls for navarathri a festival where people decorate their houses with these toys and dolls. I took 3 lenses for this walk- 18-55mm kit lens, 28mm f/2.8 and 70-300mm. I was very surprised with the salesmen(and women) as a few of them believed that if you photograph their stalls, then no customer would come to their stall. In some of the shots I took, I fully opened my aperture to blur the background. After a point i tried shooting in a slow shutter speed across the road on stationery stalls while people or vehicles moved around. Due to this i got a motion blur on my photos while the main object(the stall) remained the same.


Exposure: shutterspeed: 1/2000, aperture: f/2.8, ISO:100dsc_0995

Exposure: shutterspeed: 1/1600, aperture: f/2.8, ISO:100dsc_0998

Exposure: shutterspeed: 1/2000, aperture: f/2.8, ISO:100dsc_1001

Exposure: shutterspeed: 1/250, aperture: f/7.1, ISO:100dsc_1016

Exposure: shutterspeed: 1/200, aperture: f/7.1, ISO:100dsc_1033


Exposure: shutterspeed: 1/250, aperture: f/7.1, ISO:100dsc_1053


Exposure: shutterspeed: 1/250, aperture: f/7.1, ISO:100dsc_1060



Exposure: shutterspeed: 1/160, aperture: f/2.8, ISO:100dsc_1122


Exposure: shutterspeed: 1/400, aperture: f/2.8, ISO:100dsc_1129


Exposure: shutterspeed: 1/160, aperture: f/5, ISO:100dsc_1131


Exposure: shutterspeed: 1/100, aperture: f/3.5, ISO:100dsc_1170


Exposure: shutterspeed: 1/5, aperture: f/10, ISO:100



Exposure: shutterspeed: 1/125, aperture: f/5, ISO:100dsc_1214


Exposure: shutterspeed: 1/30, aperture: f/5, ISO:100dsc_1236


Exposure: shutterspeed: 1/40, aperture: f/4.8, ISO:100dsc_1238


Exposure: shutterspeed: 1/4, aperture: f/6.3, ISO:100dsc_1272


Exposure: shutterspeed: 1/30, aperture: f/5.6, ISO:1000dsc_1289


Street Scenes

I recently went on  the worldwide photowalk hosted by scott kelby. The walk i went was the one in Ratan bazaar road. It was fun as occasionally people kept on smiling (or glaring) whenever they saw me pointing my camera. Here are some of the shots i took.

Exposure: 1/125 , f/ 7.1, ISO: 400q-1


Exposure: 1/160 , f/ 5.6, ISO: 800q-2


Exposure: 1/160 , f/ 5.1, ISO: 800q-3


Exposure: 1/100 , f/ 1.8, ISO: 800q-4


Exposure: 1/100 , f/ 1.8, ISO: 800q-5


Exposure: 1/100 , f/ 3.2, ISO: 800q-6


Exposure: 1/40 , f/ 1.8, ISO: 1250q-7


Exposure: 1/20, f/ 1.8, ISO: 1250q-8


Animal Rights March Chennai

Recently there was a protest for animal rights all around india. I decided to go and protest and also take my camera. The march was from lighthouse to kannagi statue in marina beach. As the march went on, a dog that was lying down on the road suddenly started following us as if he knew the march was for animal rights, he followed us the whole march and lead half the march. Here are some of the photos i took.


exposure: 1/200 , / 5.6 , ISO: 100



exposure: 1/250 , / 5.6 , ISO: 100




exposure: 1/400 , / 5 , ISO: 100





exposure: 1/400 , / 4.2, ISO: 100



exposure: 1/200 , / 6.3 , ISO: 100



Beach Scenes

My father, being a photographer for the last 40 / 50 years or so has accumulated loads of old lenses. The lenses are still good, and work like a charm. I was using my D80 which doesn’t have the Non cpu lens feature that newer dslrs have which lets you use the inbuilt light meter with old lenses, so i had to carry an external light meter to get the right exposure. I took the nikkor 50mm f/1.2 lens and got these shots.:

Exposure: shutter speed: 1/500 aperture: f / 4 ISO: 800q-1-of-1


Exposure: shutter speed: 1/500 aperture: f / 4 ISO: 800dsc_0266


Exposure: shutter speed: 1/500 aperture: f / 4 ISO: 800dsc_0262


Exposure: shutter speed: 1/500 aperture: f / 4 ISO: 800dsc_0256


Exposure: shutter speed: 1/250 aperture: f / 4 ISO: 200dsc_0204